Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Christian Motorcycle Helmets

Going along with the theme of Christian helmets I wanted to provide some pictures of helmets so you can see the different options you have!

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Christian Women Bikers

On my site,, I have recently had a lot of requests for not only Christian wear but also Womens wear for bikers. I thought that I would combine the two in todays post and give you the information you are all looking for!

Have you seen the "Hairy Biker's Guide to Cooking", where two fat, big, burly and not to forget hairy bikers keep on zooming to the different parts of the country hunting for the culinary tastes of the regions? Meaty and huge on a roaring bike, they absolutely look like bloodhounds sniffing the trail of a chunky meatloaf sizzling somewhere in a distant land, popping its scent into the air.

Well, to tell the truth, you take one look at them and all your appetite would fly out the window! Who could be ever turned on to eat meat patties when two hairy arms are turning and frying them on the pan with bare hands? Anyway, guys on motorbikes tend to make the worst fashion mistakes, thinking that a braid of long hair trailing in the wind behind them as they ride is pretty appealing to any women. Then too, their narrow imagination goes only that far as their common, same old black leather jackets and jeans would allow.

Women on the other hand are much smarter while setting a fashion vista, and they are more appealing to look at than at men. You can wear the latest fashion invention in the biking world: the leather skull cap. This is the most recent rage, and it would look awesome on your shining hair lining your forehead as you peep out from underneath its brim with your dark beautiful eyes.

You just cannot be satisfied with those bloated, thick leather wear that men sport. You have a well sculpted body, and you need to show off your lovely curves, girl! You need something tight, something that will hug your skin and show off the jiggle in your booty that would swerve every man's eyes towards you!

Though leather is the most commonly worn motorcycle gear, there are other fabrics which are becoming quite popular too. All you have to do is choose one of the motorcycle gear shops and go through its collections patiently. Get hold of the ones that you really like. It is not that you have to adhere to the ordinary, common styles always. Be kinky, experiment, and be unique in your gear wear.

Try out different fabrics but make sure they are skin tight. To make the right impact, you need to go about in the right attitude. When you are making your buy, be as different form the others in their ideas; change the ensemble a little bit here and there, and voila! You got yourself a completely new different look.

Boots such as the women's Harley Davidson boots are the other things that will set every man's heart on fire as they see you getting off your bike. Click their eyes to attention as you walk into the scene. Grab yourself a pair of women's Harley Davidson boots.

Wear the perfect leather gloves to complete the biking look. Wear the skull cap if you want to go a tad overboard in looking absolutely sexy!

Bike around safely in the perfect style and fashion. Get yourself the coolest motorcycle gear to tour the country in the true American style.

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