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Health Benefits of Motorcycle Riding

Motorcycle enthusiasts will tell you, the thrill and adrenaline rush you get when riding a motor bike down the road is amazing. The exhilarating feeling will get you out of any low points in your life, as least momentarily. Whether you just have time to go for a quick run, or actually plan a road trip with your buddies, there's no comparison. Some people love the sound and feel of a powerful engine's vibration as they ride down the road. Driving a car just doesn't give the same thrill it seems. With this said, even though there is great risk involved in riding a motorcycle, can it actually improve your health and general well being? Read on to find out!
Some people will swear that motorcycle riding promotes healthy brain development. Furthermore, some people in their 50's and 60's credit their love for bike riding and other activities with their bike for helping them keep their brains functioning at a peak level. Riding a motorcycle pushes you to stay alert at all times and to multi-task. This helps people develop their cognitive skills at peak performance. For example, since motorcycle riders must watch out for many other dangers and to avoid potential hazards around them, they must process information quickly and respond accordingly.
In a research environment, motorcycle riders scored higher on the tests than the non-riding participants. Also it was shown that people who had their motorcycle licenses for longer periods of time, at least ten years, also performed the best in terms of cognitive ability. The health benefit of motorcycle riding doesn't end there though. It's no surprise that riding a bike takes a lot of effort and energy in comparison to driving a four passenger car. Controlling the bike takes almost every muscle in your body to balance, steer, and avoid obstacles in the road. Muscle tone and definition is something that frequent riders will tell you - motorcycle riding allows them to get their daily dose of exercise. You can even cut down on so many trips to the gym.
People value companionship these days, and sometimes you can't really do that in a four passenger car. Whether you ride a Harley or a Yamaha, almost all bikers will wave to each other when passing, and you can join many groups of people and organizations who get together to ride like a family. This creates a tight network of long lasting friendships, if you let it. Most other bikers are friendly and want to join you along the way if you are traveling in the same direction as they are. Companionship can raise your morale and mental wellbeing, which definitely plays a large part in your health.
Along that same note, riding improves your mood. Without a doubt, any motorcycle junkie and owner will tell you that they feel happier when riding. Happiness takes down our stress levels and prolongs our life span. It even helps us counter anxiety, depression, and general illnesses. If something lifts your mood, your health will definitely improve. So a joy ride with your bike could actually give you a healthier lifestyle.

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Polarized Motorcycle Sunglasses: The Pros and Cons

Polarized glasses have been around for decades, contrary to what many consumers believe. The first polarized glasses were sold in the 1930's, developed especially for pilots.
The technology changed the market, and today polarized lenses are used by all kinds of people. They're especially popular with outdoors enthusiasts and athletes. They are also growing increasingly trendy in motorcycle sunglasses.
The History of Polarized Glasses
Polarized glasses were first developed and invented for use in the military, specifically by pilots. Sunglasses themselves had only been on the market for a few years, but were well-received by consumers. Military pilots found them beneficial when flying in bright sunlight, with the exception of one problem: reflective glare.
When light from the sun travels through the atmosphere, it is dispersed evenly (polarized) when the light wave hits the retina. Reflected light, however, does not disperse (polarize) evenly.
Rather, it becomes horizontally polarized as it reaches the human eye. The result is a glare that is uncomfortable at best, and temporarily blinding at worst.
This temporary blindness can be fatal when piloting an aircraft. The Poloraid Corporation saw this problem as an opportunity to make money. They began working on polarization technology to solve the glare problem when flying.
The world's first polarized aviator shades were born in 1936 and distributed to military pilots. They became available for public sale the following year.
How Polarized Glasses Work
The lenses of polarized glasses of today are like ordinary lenses, with one extra component. A very thin film is placed inside each individual lens. This film is polarized so that when reflected light hits the lenses, it becomes dispersed more like regular light waves. This reduces glare from reflected light.
Naturally, this reduction in glare makes activities like flying an airplane or driving a car or motorcycle safer. It only takes a split second of temporary blindness to result in a fatal error or accident.
Polarized glasses revolutionized first the military and then the airline industry. Today it makes life easier and safer for all kinds of sports and outdoor lovers as well as drivers and cyclists.
What to Beware of When Wearing Polarized Motorcycle Sunglasses
As with any product, even a revolutionary one, polarized glasses have a few drawbacks. These must be considered carefully if you're thinking about purchasing motorcycle sunglasses with polarization film in the lenses.
When airplane instrument panels began to become digitized, pilots began noticing problems with their high-tech aviator shades. Their polarized glasses made it difficult to read their LCD displays. The same thing can happen to motorcycle drivers if they happen to have LCD displays on their bikes.
Another problem, though minor, is that of contrast between snow and shadows. Polarized glasses can sometimes make snow and shadows blend together. A motorcycle driver that mistakes snow on the road for a shadow could end up in a skid.
Of course, another potential problem is that a driver may tilt his head at too sharp an angle. This causes some horizontal light to enter the eyes over, under or through the sides of the frames and lenses. The result is bright spots that may pose a driving hazard.
Overall, it seems that the benefits of polarized motorcycle sunglasses outweigh the drawbacks. It may take cyclists some time to get used to wearing them.
It's suggested that motorcyclists start out by wearing them for short periods of time on short, low-speed trips. Bikers may also want to practice on back roads when they first start wearing polarized glasses. Doing so will give the rider time to adjust to some of these potential issues and compensate for them in regular, highway-speed driving.

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Motorcycle Community

A fellow motorcycle enthusiast once told me that in a world where there is very little that we could fix, having a motorcycle to tinker with offers great comfort. This is just one of the many examples of wisdom I have picked up from the motorcycle community. I am talking about the many riders who all share a kinship brought along by their passion for motorcycles. You will not find the same kind of widespread community anywhere else.
There is great camaraderie among most motorcycle owners. Whether you are riding a simple moped or a sophisticated big motorbike, you will often get a wave or thumbs up from other people on motorcycles. The motorcycle community has its own culture. It is one of openness and sharing in order to help each other out.
The exchange of ideas and expertise among motorcycle enthusiasts has lead to improved design and riding techniques that has made motorcycling much safer over the years. The average motorcycle owner tends to know more about his machine than the average car owner. Unlike cars the motorcycle is relatively easier to disassemble and study. It is also less complicated to maintain or even modify. This has lead people to learn a lot about motorcycles.
The simple design of the motorcycle has made it easy for the community to make their own customized parts. This led to a wide variety of motorcycles on the road. There are countless motorcycles that are unique and one of kind because of the many do-it-your-self improvements that can be performed on a motorbike. Something that is not as easy with other forms of motorized transport.
Another wonderful thing about the motorcycle community is that sound advice is never hard to find. You might get conflicting opinions every now and then but it is often easy to discern the good ones from rubbish. Whatever help you need with tinkering there will never be a shortage of helpful tips and guides available for free. Whether you are unsure about a replacement or trying to decide on a mod, there is always an expert that can offer you great advice.
What other vehicle can make two complete strangers feel like the closest of friends just by riding side by side for a short time? The camaraderie among motorcycle owners is just one of the many things that make riding all the more fun. The sense brotherhood with fellow riders gives you a sense of security and support that you will not normally get with other car drivers.
Motorcycles might not be as safe as cars and buses but it sure affords you a sense of connection with other people you might not otherwise get to know. The motorcycle does not just take people from point A to B, it also brings them closer and creates connections where there is none. It has created a whole community of people sharing ideas and working to make riding as safe and fun as could be imagined.

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Tips on Defensive Motorcycle Driving

If you are someone who doesn't feel alive until you are riding your bike, there are many tips on motorcycle defensive driving which will help you stay alive while you are riding it. Motor defensive driving tips will give you some ideas about driving to protect yourself other drivers when you are out riding, and these tips are available without your being required to attend a course.
The Number One Tip
The single most important tip you will ever get, and the one most obvious even to people who will never go near a bike, is to wear a helmet. Helmets are not merely recommended as safety measures; they are legally required for those driving motorcycles and yet there are motorcyclists who still refuse to use them.
Using a helmet as a part of your motorcycled defensive driving strategy can save your life. How is that something you can ignore? You should simply get in the habit of putting on you habit before you set out, whether you are going across the country or around the block. Do nothing on your bike unless your helmet is securely fastened on your head.
Slow Down!
A second tip is to watch your speed. No matter how experienced you are, no matter how agile your bike is, speeding on your motorcycle is only slightly less stupid than riding without your helmet. And speeding not only puts you at risk, it puts any drivers with whom you share the road at risk as well.
You should follow the driving tip on speeding with extra care when you are navigating curves, because curves are notorious for causing motorcycle crashes. It's just to easy to misjudge a curve by overshooting the road or straying into oncoming traffic and being hit. Motorcycle driving is all about concentrating on the road ahead of you and the vehicles around you, so you should always be focused on upcoming curves and get your bike positioned to handle them well in advance.
You can learn far more about motorcycle defensive driving [http://www.seekdefensivedriving.com/category/fighting-your-rising-premiums-with-an-insurance-discount-defensive-driving-course] by taking the time to attend a class. Successfully completing a driving class will give you, as a motorcyclist, extra protection against all the aggression of drivers who do not like to watch you and your buddies weaving your way through the traffic jams in which they find themselves sitting for hours at a time. And that's a really good thing!.

Motorcycle Helmets

Almost 3,000 motorcyclists are killed each year in accidents, with head injuries being a major cause of death. Safety helmets successfully reduce the chances of head injury to a great extent. They are a must for all motorcyclists.
Helmets are of different types, sizes, colors, and designs. They may be full-face or open-face, but have to conform to certain standards set by DOT regulations. Helmets which meet the DOT Regulations usually have a DOT approval sticker at the back of the helmet.
Manufacturers of helmets are also required under Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard to label their helmets with relevant information such as manufacturer's name, model, size, year of manufacture, and construction materials, among other things. Another certification or approval for all motorcycle helmets is provided by The Snell Memorial Foundation. Unlike DOT, it is optional and not mandatory.
Apart from such regulations, there are motorcycle helmet laws, monitoring the use of helmets by motorcyclists. Today, 20 states and the District of Columbia have made helmet wearing mandatory for motorcyclists; there are four free states with no helmet laws at all.
Some brands which are particularly popular among motorcyclists include HJC Helmets, Shoei Motorcycle Helmets, Nolan Helmets, Bell Helmets, RBC Helmets, and THH Helmets. Features found in helmets may include ventilation systems, anti-fog system, comfortable interior, scratch-resistant face shield, and other things.
Companies which provide DOT-approved, good quality motorcycle helmets are Iron Horse Helmets, Helmets Etc, Inc, Ride Gear, Biker Needs, and many more. Customization options are also provided by some companies, which allow us to have special designs, cartoons, graphics, and other pictures on helmets.
Helmets are important safety gear for all motorcyclists. The causes of motorcycle accidents may be numerous, but the solution to prevent serious injuries still remains the use of motorcycle helmets and defensive driving techniques.

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Leather Jacket Advice

For motorcycle fashion leather jackets are very popular and commonly used. It is very difficult to find a good and stylish motorcycle jacket. It is hard to select because there are a nearly endless number of choices. There are some essential things to look out for when you are going to choose a leather jacket. Check the quality first. A good quality motorcycle jacket is costly, but it will be long lasting and provides you comfort.
Don't go on the price; always focus on the material used to manufacture it. It is very essential to get the best quality motorcycle leather jacket. Take it as an investment in your motorcycle riding. According to some bikers a good leather jacket is an ultimate motorcycle fashion for them. After checking the quality of it then considers the storage factor.
Storage really is an important factor to consider. You can not keep every thing in your motorcycle bags. There are some special types of things that you can only keep in your jacket such as your cell phone or any important papers.
Every motorcyclist wants to get a good quality motorcycle leather jacket, which provides them comfort. It protects your whole upper body from dirt and water.
You can also select vests (half jackets). Vests are very comfortable jackets but they can not provide you the
protection as full leather jackets. Vests are commonly used in summer season.
Your leather motorcycle clothing provides comfort and safety while you are riding, so make sure that you choose a good quality jacket. First search the leather jackets select the color. After selecting the color, discuss all the necessary things that you want to discuss with the shop owner. They will surely help you in selecting a good leather jacket. Select that color which will match to your motorcycle color scheme.
The above tips will surely help you to select a perfect motorcycle leather wear.

Being Smart with Motorcycle Fashion

So you have finally decided to buy a motorcycle, whether it be for economical reasons or simply for the freedom of the ride, but now you are faced with the dilemma of buying quality protective riding gear that you will actually want to wear. You will want to be sure to protect yourself from accidents, as well as be comfortable (of course it wouldn't hurt to look cool at the same time either.)
So much thought goes into the gear you will be wearing while riding your bike as you want to make sure you are protected from the elements and unexpected spills. Helmets, jackets, chaps, gloves.... but did you stop to think about your feet?
So often you see motorcyclists on the roads wearing basic sneakers, sandals, and sadly, flip flops. Not a smart choice when paired up with burning hot exhaust pipes.
There are many reason why you would want to wear motorcycle boots or shoes rather than casual footwear but the main one you need to focus on is protection. Regular shoes will not protect your feet from burns that can be caused by the heat of your motorcycles exhaust pipes. Not to mention the heat of your pipes can actually melt the rubber on the soles of your favorite sandals. Plus regular boots and shoes are not designed to withstand the friction created every time your feet touch the ground, which is quite often with bike riding, due to stopping and balancing. With regular footwear, you will find your shoes wearing out much faster than you could have ever imaged.
Harley Davidson motorcycle shoes and boots are designed to be durable, practical, fashionable and actually comfortable. If you have been into any Harley Davidson shop then you know they are all about looking good and feeling good while being safe on your bike. Offering a broad range of motorcycle boots and shoes in endless colors and designs, Harley Davidson not only has you covered on your bike, but offyour bike as well with a rather wide variety of fashionable Harley Davidson sandals and heels.
What are you waiting for? Experience HD footwear for yourself. You won't be disappointed.
Whether man or woman one thing is for sure, and that is you want to look good at the same time you are riding safe and with the extensive Harley Davidson motorcycle boots and shoes line, you get to do both.

Different Jacket Styles

Leather Jackets

Need a jacket in your wardrobe this winter? When guys think of motorcycle jackets they usually think of the standard black motorcycle jacket the movies have made so popular. But a brown motorcycle jacket might work even better in a man's wardrobe.
That's why you must never question the power of a brown leather motorcycle jacket. When paired with an all white ensemble, a brown belt and a brown pair boots, the result could be awesome.
Leather motorcycle jacket was never intended for fashion but it was meant to be a part of a military uniform. However, due to its function and style, the runway started to hail it as one of its greatest creations. Let's face it, there aren't many other pieces of clothing that started out being worn by guys riding motorcycles and made it to the runways of New York.
So now, there are brown leather motorcycle jackets with embellishments, they are studded and they fit close to the body. A lot of stylish women have been wearing it - cold season or not. Fashion need not to have a reason - fashion is the heart.
This jacket can be worn with a flirty top, a simple v-neck shirt or a turtle neck top - you can experiment with it and that's when the fun starts!
With brown as your choice for a leather jacket, you will never ever go wrong with it. So show them all why you are stable and balanced - both from the inside and out. Whenever you feel down, you must never frown on a brown - so paint the town with it.
Of course, for the guys, if you just want a plain old brown leather jacket, something like a mens bomber jacket, it is still always a great option and always a classic. It's hard to go wrong with either one of these style icons.
If you're interested in taking a look at some pretty cool mens bomber jackets please check out my site. Mens bomber jackets are warm, fashionable and can be worn equally well by both men and women. The vintage bomber jacket is one of my favorite styles.

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Motorcycle Boots

Perhaps one of the most neglected components of safety gear for motorcycle riders are motorcycle boots. When you think safety for your motorcycle, helmets, reflective clothing and pads may be the first thing to pop into your mind. However, you should know that motorcycle boots do play an important role in your safety gear. They also can make an important fashion statement as well, if that is important to you. But safety and comfort should be the primary considerations when you make your motorcycle boot purchase.
Keep in mind that your feet need to rest comfortably on the foot peg in order to have a comfortable ride. You do not want your feet to be sore or uncomfortable after a long day of riding! Also keep in mind that the feet are a particularly vulnerable part of your body when riding, and can easily be hurt during a fall or a collision.
For this reason, you should not just wear ordinary shoes or boots when riding your motorcycle. Instead, look for shoes or boots that are specifically manufactured to provide some abrasion and heat resistance for motorcycle riders. When riding, your feet are the body part closest to the exhaust pipes of the motorcycles, and having boots that can withstand the continual heat emanating from these pipes and also protect them in the case of accidental contact with the pipes is very important. Many boots come with additional safety features that will help keep them from easily tearing in a fall or collision, providing some abrasion resistance.
Modern day motorcycle boots manufacturers try to combine style with safety and comfort and there are some great choices available today that should satisfy almost any rider. When looking at motorcycle boots, you will find that there are a wide range of styles and colors available. There are also a wide range of different cuts you can choose from. There are low cut and higher cut boots, for example. In general, the higher the cut, the more protected your feet and lower legs will be, but low cut boots may be considerably more comfortable for some riders. Some boots will have a special extended lower heel area that allows for extra maneuverability.
You will also find that boots are made from a wide range of materials, although leather is probably one of the favorites and is certainly a classic. If you shop online, you will quickly see that there is a huge selection available to choose from.
Not only can you find great boots online, but also motorcycle leather jackets and other important safety gear, such as a motorcycle helmet. Visit these links to learn more!

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What To Expect From A Motorcycle Safety Training Course

One of the best steps you can take to make sure you are as safe as possible on your motorcycle, is to enroll in a motorcycle safety course. Each year, hundreds of thousands of motorcycles enroll in these courses in the United States and elsewhere, regardless of their skill level. This is because they know that such courses will make you a better and more skilled rider. If you take your motorcycle riding serious, you should consider taking such a course seriously as well.
What should you expect from a motorcycle safety training course in your area? A lot of this will be determined by the skill level you are at and your interests. For example, there are basic rider courses that everyone should take at least once when they are first learning to ride their motorcycle. These are the courses that every beginner rider should take before attempting to ride a motorcycle on a street, and many states require such a course as well.
Basic training courses will usually spend five to fifteen hours (or more, often depending on state requirements) teaching you the basics of how to operate and ride a motorcycle safely. After a general introduction, the course should teach you in a "hands on manner" the basics of motorcycle safety and riding, although all of this will be done in a controlled, off-road location. Topics will generally include learning all of the motorcycle controls and how to operate them, and learning the basics of maneuvering a motorcycle at a slow speed.
Once you know the basics, you may be interested in taking a more advanced course that practices riding on the street and often with a group. Here you will encounter real world driving hazards and distractions that often can't be truly replicated in an off-road classroom. They will include training in such events as handling busy city intersections and how to drive defensively and to protect yourself again unaware or untrained motorists.
Many motorcycle training schools (such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation) also offer training on off-road dirt bike riding. Some of these are particularly geared towards younger riders. And a few may also offer advanced training in stunt motorcycle riding as well.
Depending on the program you enroll in, you may or may not need to own a motorcycle. Many programs prefer to use their own motorcycles for at least the basic training level, so if you would like to learn the skills before purchasing a motorcycle this often is not a problem. However, you will need proper riding gear, including a jacket, gloves, eye protection of some sort, and appropriate clothing (long-sleeved shirts and long pants are usually required). Depending on the course provider, you may also need to bring your own DOT helmet as well. In some cases, you may purchase one on site as part of your course, to ensure that it fits properly, so do check in advance. If rain is a possibility, you should bring appropriate rain gear as well.
Many schools offer private as well as group lessons as well. Private lessons may be considerably more expensive, but some may feel better prepared with one on one instruction.

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10 Things About Motorcycle Training and the CBT

The CBT or compulsory basic training has been around for more than 20 years now and is aimed at helping to reduce the number of motorcycle and moped accidents, especially those involving young and inexperienced riders. What follows, in no particular order are ten things about the CBT that you will most certainly encounter if you want to get yourself and your new bike on the road.
1. C is for compulsory - I suppose the most important thing to realise about the CBT is that it is in fact a compulsory training. A new motorcycle rider will not be permitted legal access to the roads and highways unless the CBT has been successfully completed.
2. Mopeds and Motorcycles - The CBT covers both of these machines and once completed only grants access to those machines that are 50cc or less and that has a top speed of 50 mile per hour.
3. If you have a car driving licence you may still need to take the CBT to ride a motorbike. It all depends on when you acquired your car license. If it was any time after February 1st 2001 then you will be required by law to take the CBT in order to legally ride a motorcycle or moped on the roads.
4. There are different elements in the CBT that you will encounter. Firstly you will learn things like foot controls, handlebar controls, how to read the instrument panel and basic machine checks.
5. Next up, you will learn things like basic riding, including clutch controls and changing gears. Along with indicating and rear observation you will also learn braking, junctions and U-turns.
6. It won't all be practical learning as there is plenty of theory to go through as well. The Highway Code will be instructed along with lots of advice and awareness teaching, so that your knowledge is thorough, not just of your machine but of what to expect when you finally hit the roads such as road and weather conditions.
7. The final stage of the CBT will be to gain some practical experience on the roads.
8. You will put into practice the practical elements learned within the confines of the training centre.
9. In addition you will tackle roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, how to deal with obstructions and more.
10. Once all of the elements have been completed, you will be assessed and if successful will be awarded the certificate of completion.

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Female Bikers

Are women motorcycle riders increasing or decreasing?
Studies show that the number of women who learn to ride a motorcycle is increasing every year. And that the rate of increase is significant. With the number of women motorcycle riders on the rise, the number of women motorcycle clubs are also increasing.
Why are more women learning how to ride a motorcycle?
More and more women are finding accomplishment, thrill, adventure, freedom and friends in riding motorcycles. They feel more triumphant and confident when they ride a motorcycle on their own. They are making new friends who share the similar interests on the road. The thrill of driving a motorcycle at high speeds cannot be measured. There is no doubt the freedom you feel is exhilarating.
What are the choice of bikes for women motorcycle riders?
Many women prefer a motorcycle with light weight and easy handling rather than one with tremendous acceleration. Women with a bit more experience in riding motorcycles prefer the Honda Rebel, Yamaha V-Star, or Suzuki SV650. Beginners are recommended to start out with a smaller bike such as the Kawasaki Ninja 250 and 500. The popularity of the Kawasaki Ninja 500 and 250 among the women motorcycle riders is due to their low seat height and light weight. The Suzuki SV650 is great for daily riding and can be easily modified.
Your local dealer can suggest excellent beginner bikes for new women motorcycle riders as well. These bikes will follow the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) standards. The qualities which most women motorcycle riders are looking for are light weight, low seat height, looks and comfort.
Are the riding rules different for men and women?
The rules are not very different for men and women who learn how to ride a motorcycle. There are a few things which should keep in mind for a better and safer riding. Make sure that the motorcycle size suits your height and weight. One way to verify this is when you sit down on the motorcycle, your feet should touch the ground completely, and you should feel comfortable. A bigger bike will need more strength to handle it.
Proper training is necessary for the safety of yourself and others. There are approved motorcycle training courses you can take to get acquainted with motorcycle riding. Get a motorcycle license if you need one according to the laws of your state.
Always wear your protective gear before driving. Do not drink and drive. Determine your limits and ride within them. Make sure you feel comfortable and in control at all times. Stay alert and take frequent breaks on long drives. And always carry the basic necessary maintenance gear with you. An increasing number of women learn to ride a motorcycle these days; you can be one of them!

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Motorcycle Clubbin

Many people will claim that they are a true blood motorcycle rider, they even are looking to join one of the many motorcycle riding clubs that are all across the country. They seek this out in order to have a sense of belonging to something special. Before you head off to look into joining one of these clubs, there are a few simple rules that you will need to follow in order to get the most from your journey.
First be aware of the fact that there are different types of clubs out there, these clubs many times are picky as to who they do and do not let into their club. If you ask to join ad are refused admittance, don't be down as this may simply be that you don't meet certain requirements that they may have in place.
Some of these clubs are restricted to an invite only membership. This is the bad news, the good news is that there are plenty of clubs that you are able to join that will allow you to ride with them. You may need to do a little research before you are able to find these clubs, the reason for this is due to the fact that many times they may not advertise. Use the Internet in order to find these clubs as they are out there and do exist.
Once you have found them, make it a point to try attending an event if you can. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to introduce yourself to the group and allow them to get to know you. If you play your cards right, you will be a member of this group in no time at all ad be riding with them the next time they head out.
Research any club that you are considering to ride with. This will allow yore getting into before you get too deep. This will you to know what to expect in the way of the amount that they ride. These are two facts that you need to make sure that you know in order to get a full understanding.
After you are a member of the club, make sure that you adhere to all the rules that the club has, this is very important as many of these clubs are strict about making sure that the rules are adhered to and that every member keeps them in mind at all times.
Some of these clubs may not be close to you and will require you to travel, make sure that you are good with this before you join as this will need to be a big consideration that you need to keep in mind as a result of the various rules that are set forth.
Motorcycle riding clubs are an important way for a person to feel like they belong to something that is important and that they are making an impact in the world as a whole. This can be a very exciting time in a persons life as they are now a member of a club and part of an extended family.

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Motorcycle Leather

Who wears motorcycle leather? Who rides bikes? All kinds of people do. Some are hell on wheels, the rough and burly type, some are clean cut, and everything in between. A surprising number of motorcyclists who deck out in leather and get together for fellowship and camaraderie are just regular folks. Some are dedicated Christians who use the appeal of motorcycles to witness to their faith. These bikers appreciate a site like Bikerleatherall which is designed to be family oriented. You will find motorcycle jackets, motorcycle chaps, motorcycle vests, and motorcycle pants for men, women, and children. All content is appropriate for the entire family.
Here are some of the Motorcycle groups you might like to know more about...
Members must be a member/consistent attendee of a Bible believing church, own and ride a motorcycle 500cc or larger (spouses not required to own a separate motorcycle if they ride as a passenger), have a desire to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and covenant not to engage in non-Christian behaviors.
This is a men's motorcycle club that seeks to develop strong relationships with Christ, family and fellow motorcycle brothers, to reach out to the world of motorcyclists with the Good News of Jesus Christ, to work in partnership with local persons of faith and churches, to disciple and be disciples.
Chrome Knights for Christ
This is a non-denominational Christian Motorcycle Club that wants to share their love for Jesus with the motorcycle community.
The Fellowship of Christian Riders Motorcycle Ministry is an outreach ministry of
Frazer United Methodist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. Must have valid motorcycle operator's license, be able to safely maintain highway speeds up to 70 mph and conduct yourself in a Christian manner.
FCOG is a ministry-oriented group whose main focus is serving the biker community. All that is asked is that each member strive to be Christ-like. Through DISCIPLESHIP and making ourselves accountable to one another, we grow as Christians.
The Heaven's Saints Motorcycle Ministry provides a Christian brotherhood of bikers to fellowship with and minister alongside. They wear the Christian Flag on their back with their ministry identification in the lower right hand corner While the majority of members are bikers, owning a motorcycle is not a requirement to be a part of this ministry. Heaven's Saints members can be found all over the U.S. and in some parts of Canada.
Hellfighters is an independent, non-denominational motorcycle league of extraordinary ladies and gentlemen who have been saved by the forgiving grace of Jesus Christ and are bold enough to serve Him regardless of the cost! Their mission is to reach neighborhood, country, and world for Christ through motorcycle fellowship.
The Road Riders for Jesus Motorcycle Ministry is a national and international group of Christian Bikers. You don't have to prospect or go through a lot of red tape in order to wear our back patch. If you are a Christian according to Romans 10:9-10 you are welcome to join. As a member then you are immediately eligible to wear the Road Riders for Jesus M/M back patch.
The Sons of God Motorcycle Club Ministry is a national organization made up of Christian Bikers The primary focus of this ministry is to reach the secular motorcycle "bikers". They have ordained ministers who can perform biker weddings and funerals. They are available to do visitations in prisons, Hospitals and Veteran Events. They attend many biker events throughout the country in order to reach out to bikers.
Working By Grace Ministries is a non- denominational Motorcycle Ministry The Vision of WBGM is to share the word of God with everyone. We use our motorcycles as a tool to Minister to the lost and dying world. We do this by going to several bike events during ride season. Along with being involved in outreach in our community
The Christian Motorcyclists Association is interdenominational and evangelistic in nature. They reach out primarily, but not exclusively, to the motorcycling community. Their vision is "Changing the world, one heart at a time."
End Time Warriors Motorcycle Ministry is a non-denominational group following the word of our Lord, Jesus Christ. End Time Warriors Motorcycle Ministry is committed to show the Love of God and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a dying world. End Time Warriors Motorcycle Ministry has a vision to minister to the 1% motorcycle clubs and the motorcycle community as a whole and will fulfill that vision by outreach to the community.
Highways and Hedges Ministry is a group of motorcyclists who seek to glorify God through the changed life and to be the light in a dark world.
Messiah's Disciples is a nondenominational organization who as Christian motorcyclist and members of Messiah's Disciples have been called to provide the outreach to secular bikers and/or bike organizations, provide a family oriented Christian ride, promote a positive image of motorcyclists, and minister to the secular bikers.
An evangelistic ministry reaching the outlaw biker world and people in all walks of life.

Christian Motorcycle Association

The Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) was established in 1975 as a non-profit organization. This international Christian interdenominational associations purpose is to evangelize the motorcycle community. An Arkansas pastor named Herb Shreve was the founder who purchased a motorcycle of his own to get closer with a rebellious son. CMA is under operation through many board members who are associated with the national organization.
While riding with his rebellious son, Herb Sherve would notice how much the Christian life was missing from bikers. Soon after taking notice of the situation he resigned from his church in 1975 to accept the task of helping other motorcyclists find religion. Soon after the Christian Motorcycle Association came to light.
The Christian Motorbike Association ended up reaching 50 states with over 800 chapters and 125,000 members strong. Many countries around the world saw the progress Herb was making and countries such as South Africa were soon offering the Christian religion to whomever crosses their path. In 1983 the UK Christian Motorcycle Association was open to help other bikers seek what truths may come to light in religion.
The "cruiser" bike category has the most members in the Christian Motorbike Association. The other category highly associated with the Christian Motorcycle Association is the "touring" bikers leaving the only other biking category "sports" bikers next in mind. the Christian Motorbike Association in South Africa is actually predominantly sport bike riders.
The Christian Motorcycle Association is actually known as a ministry instead of a traditional club. CMA is an association that is highly loyal to either their brand of motorcycle or riding style. The Christian Motorcycle Association is quoted for saying, "make ministers of their members." This saying actually implies a breakdown of distinction between clergy and laity which seems to exist in most Christian ministries. Mixing religion and motorcycles is a wonderful way to get two American past-times and mix them into one.

Riding Tips

Taking to the open road is what riding a motorcycle is all about. It's about enjoying the freedom of the road and being one with the machine. Some riders choose a bike based on speed. Others choose a bike based on comfort. And still other choose a bike to fit their personality. Whatever the reason, there are times when riding can be taxing.
There are two principle conditions when riding a motorcycle is significantly less safe and/or less pleasurable: traffic congestion and bad weather. When the roads are crowded, there is no room for error. In bad weather conditions, riding can be an invitation to injury or worse.
Inclement Weather
Inclement weather technically means cold or wet. But in everyday usage, it means any adverse weather condition. This includes, inordinate heat, sleet, hail, rain, snow and freezing temperatures.
Many motorcyclists won't even attempt to ride in weather under 40 or 50 degrees. But in some instance, riders will get out on the road. Heat is a different issue but just as dangerous. The other conditions make for unpredictable situations.
Rain happens. That's not a reason to leave the bike under cover of a garage or at work. But rain causes chemical reactions. In the south, all the oil in the road seeping in from the winter months rises to the surface as it rains in the summer. Oil and water don't mix. And oil on top of pavement means a slippery situation.
Sleet and Hail
Neither are safe conditions to ride a motorcycle. Sleet causes blindness and hail can cause serious bodily injury. These conditions can't be mitigated by wearing protective clothing and no rider should attempt the risk.
Riders may shrug off heat. For short trips across town, that's not a deal breaker. But long trips are another story. Dehydration is a real danger and shouldn't be taken lightly. Keep plenty of water on-hand and stay hydrated.
The cold is altogether another matter. Sleet is temporary. Hail won't last forever. Rain dries up and heat lessens as the sun goes down. But cold is relentless. Motorcyclists should always take cold weather or winter riding seriously.
Winter Riding
Riding in cold weather can mean riding not only in uncomfortable conditions, it can mean black ice. Black ice is the unseen culprit of many fatalities. It cannot be seen to avoid. And when discovered, it is already too late. Not to mention, the actual cold.
The first priority is to bundle up in layers. Leave no skin exposed. Overlapping clothing is key to staying warmer for a longer period of time. The conundrum is eventually the cold will get to a rider. No matter how many layers are worn, a body's heat will become exhausted. So stopping to warm periodically will be necessary.
Cover up your feet and torso. Don't forget your ears and head. To protect your eyes, then a windshield will be necessary. The key element is to keep your body warm and the wind at bay. Any exposure or "break" in the cold winter amour will allow cold air to travel inside the warm layers. That leads to compromise and will send a chill right down to the bone.
Ride Smartly
Don't ride on icy roads. And if you're already on the road when it begins to snow, slow it down. Stay back at least three to five car lengths from the vehicle in front of you. Be especially cautious on bikes not equipped with a windshield. Though glasses or goggles will significantly reduce wind to the eyes, it will still be a factor. Cold air will cause the eyes to water. This in turn causes a need to wipe the eyes. Any time the hands come off the handlebars, a rider risks losing control of the machine.

Not Just For Riders

What used to be worn exclusively by real bikers has now proliferated widely. We see it everywhere, people donning motorcycle jackets, biker boots, or leather pants. And some of them are not even authentic motorcycle riders. But that's the fad and we cannot stop it from growing more and more popular.
So what is it about motorcycle fashion that people are so crazy about?
Well, for one there's that feeling of toughness that people get from wearing motorcycle apparel. We can't blame people from feeling that way after all that is what the image of bikers have emanated since time immemorial. Men in black leather jackets, leather pants, high-cut boots riding a roaring motor bike gives us the impression of hardiness. People think that these men are tough, they're to be scared of, or they are kings of the road. The one reason why people love the motorcycle fashion, it's to duplicate that impression by wearing what bikers wear.
Another thing about motorcycle fashion is that it gives you a sense of adventure. Putting together an outfit that will make you feel like a real rider is an adventure in itself. And those that cannot afford to go bungee jumping or sky diving, they find the adventure they're looking for by being in motorcycle clothing.
Some people who love individuality and crave to stand out among the crowd prefer dressing the motorcyclist way to be unique. Among a stream of ordinary people in casual clothing, a person in shiny black boots and leather jacket is sure to catch some attention. Motorcycling gear and apparel can ultimately transform you. When people want a change for themselves or want to turn over a new leaf, they turn to giving their wardrobe a whole new look and some opt to turn theirs into motorcyclist fashion.
And some do say that the traditional and classy look one can get from motorcycle apparel is undeniable. While there are those wear it just for fun. The motorcycle fashion has grown so widely and so popular that motorcycle gear makers have to widen their selection of products to cater to the growing demands for motorcycle apparel. Harley Davidson for example now has a line of womens Harley Davidson boots and boots designed for kids.
Finally, those people who are passionate about motorcycling, who are big fans and avid spectators but just do not have the heart to try out riding themselves, resort to wearing motorcycle apparel to get their share of this sport's excitement and thrill. And while real riders may sometimes frown upon these wannabes, the important thing to remember is that everybody has the right to experience the exhilarating feeling of motorcycling, whether by racing, by cruising or simply by donning motorcycle apparel and gear.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Motorcycle Accidents

Not everyone who rides a motorcycle will get in an accident. Chances are, if you are being safe while riding you will be just fine. The problem is not the motorcyclist, but the drivers around you. There are a surprising amount of accidents caused by a driver in a car not seeing someone on a bike.

These are the statistics one needs to look into when thinking about whether or not they should wear a motorcycle helmet. These helmets can save your life! Even if you are being as safe as you can, you never know what other drivers are out there on the roads. Keep your life safe and wear your helmet each and every time you go out for a ride.

A report by the National Highway Traffic Administration states that between 1975 and 1999, motorcycle accidents claimed the lives of 38,000 motorcyclists. The Fatality Analysis Reporting System has analyzed possible reasons for the increasing accidents. Weather does not account for most accident cases.

Studies indicate that motorcycle accident rate is on the rise in our country. Brain damages, soft tissue damage, joint, bones, and shoulder breakage are often caused by motorcycle accidents. These are the types of injuries that can be significantly lessened by wearing a good protective helmet. If your helmet is DOT approved, fits well and has enough padding inside you are going to be protected.

It is not just about protecting yourself when going for a ride. Think of those that might be riding along with you. Make sure you and your passengers are taken care of by providing motorcycle helmets to everyone who rides.

If you would like a good place to find high quality helmets, please visit www.skullskidder.com

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Pics

Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle racing has been a huge part of Harley Davidson, almost from the beginning of the company. In fact the very first appearance of a motorcycle created by William Harley and the Davidson brothers, Arthur, Walter, and William, was in a Milwaukee, Wisconsin motorcycle race.
The Harley Davidson Company started in 1903, but didn't create an "official" motorcycle racing department until 1914. That didn't stop co-founder Walter Davidson from being victorious in the Federation of American Motorcyclist endurance race, in 1908, while riding a stock single cylinder machine. There were 65 competitors, during this grueling 2-day event, weaving their way through 365 miles of brutal dirt roads in the Catskill Mountains. The only perfect score in the competition went to Mr. Davidson.
By the year 1912, Harley Davidson had made speed a part of their motorcycle racing equation by setting a new record at the Bakersfield Road Race. H-D racers made a name for themselves on both wooden plank tracks and muddy dirt road courses, despite the interruption of World War I. In 1921, H-D shattered speed records, becoming the first motorcycles to reach speeds of 100 miles per hour during a race. Harley Davidson racers were known as "the Wrecking Crew", because of this success.
Harley Davidson's notoriety continued, when one of their motorcycles with a sidecar won the first annual Pike's Peak race, in 1916, and another Harley Davidson claimed first place in 1922 at the Adelaide to Melbourne South Australia race. Motorcycle Racing Dominated By Joe Petrali And Harley Davidson! Joe Petrali was arguably the best motorcycle racer of the early Twentieth Century. For six years between 1931 and 1936, Petrali dominated in the National points rankings five times. In 1935, Petrali went undefeated in all 13 races on the 13-stop National motorcycle racing schedule. Petrali's amazing performance didn't stop there! In 1937, while riding a 1937 Model E, 61 cubic inch, V-Twin Streamliner, he reached speeds of 136.183 miles per hour, at Daytona Beach and set a new world speed record. That's not all! Petrali won the National Hill Climb Championship, not once, not twice, but 8 years in a row beginning in 1929. What a maniac!
Motorcycle racing stopped for the Harley Davidson team and others when World War II began. When the war was over, Petrali did not return to the circuit, but H-D continued to rule the motorcycle racing scene.
When it comes to the drag strip, Harley Davidson looks towards their motorcycle racing crown jewel, the VRSXE Screamin' Eagle V-Rod Destroyer. This bike will get you down the quarter mile in under 10 seconds, but unfortunately it's not street legal and sees limited production. Motorcycle Racing And The Buell Motor Company The Buell Motor Company was a subsidiary of Harley Davidson and also produced bikes for motorcycle racing. Buell motorcycles were available at select Harley dealers. Buell racing teams were a force to be reckoned with and claimed top spots in many racing events. This success was because of the founder of the company, Eric Buell. Buell was not only a motorcycle racer himself, but worked as an engineer for Harley Davidson before forming his own company.
Unfortunately, on October 30, 2009, the Buell Motorcycle Company closed its doors after an incredible 26-year run. Harley Davidson said it would discontinue the Buell product line to focus on the Harley Davidson brand. The last Buell motorcycle rolled off the production line on October 30, bringing the number manufactured to 136,923.
Shortly after in November of 2009, Buell and Harley Davidson announced they would launch Erik Buell Racing, an independent company run by Erik Buell and it will produce race-only versions of the 1125R model.
Today, the tradition of great Harley Davidson motorcycle racing continues both on the drag strip and on the flat track. The AMA or American Motorcycle Association manages the majority of the national Superbike Championship, AMA Motocross Championship, and AMA Flatrack Championship, championship races, in the United States. These include the AMA Supercross Series, AMA Superbike Championship, AMA Motorcross Championship, and AMA Flatrack Championship.

Harley Davidson Stickers

If you are a bike fanatic then you definitely must be a fan of Harley Davidson stickers for your bike. These stickers are many kinds and they can be used for your bike or your jacket or even your other accessories. Having a bike and zipping on it is the bream of many bikers and if you own one then you have the ultimate bike. There are many two wheeler enthusiasts who collect these bikes as a passion. It is a well known name in the field of bikes and two wheelers. In fact these bikes come in many models and versions and they have been around for a long time. First these bikes were available only in the U.S but now you can import original Harley motorcycles from any part of the world. You can get an amazing range of Harley Davidson stickers at any local or online store. These are stores which are exclusively for Harley Davidson motorcycles, motorcycles parts and other accessories like helmets and jackets.
Whether it is an online store or an actual one you are visiting, the experience can be surreal. You will get all the original bikes, bike parts, bike gear, and accessories at the store. Visiting the store, browsing all the great accessories, trying out these accessories can be one great experience if you are an avid Harley Davidson fan.
The Harley Davidson stickers are many and they are easy to use. Most of these stickers come with a removable back glue patch and you just have to remove the patch and stick the sticker wherever you want to. They are of extremely good quality and they will last for a long time to come. People use these stickers on their bikes, helmets, tire caps, front handle bar and many other places. People like to use these stickers on other parts like their T shirts and jackets. These stickers come into use even on stationary, walls and furniture like cupboards. Some people like to put up these stickers on their garage walls where they keep their bikes part or where they work on restoring their bikes.
It is a brand name on its own and a Harley Davidson bike is identified immediately. These are very powerful machines which are put together by bike fanatics as well. You would not find a bike enthusiast who does not own one of it. The bike is sturdy, gives good mileage with a powerful engine and it is also stylish. Many people buy these bikes only for the visual appeal. These bikes look great on the road and they add that touch of class. Anyone who sits on a Harley Davidson will look stylish and classy whether he knows to ride it or not. And if he does know how to ride one then it is an additional bonus.

Motorcycle Helmet Stickers as Decals

While buying a motorcycle, you will surely get a helmet with it. A helmet is usually included into the package due to stringent regulation of the state. A helmet is the symbol of safety and all bike riders must have them in order to be secure while riding their bikes in highways and busy streets. A helmet is made necessary these days due to frequent accident cases. It is mandatory to buy a helmet whenever one plans to buy a nice bike.
Moreover all, with the wide range of helmets available nowadays; it is no less than a style statement for all those bike lovers. You will find helmets in wide varieties like orange, red, yellow and white. Usually helmets appear in a single color but now there a hell of variations in this domain that can boggle your mind. Apart from that a helmet can be turned peppy if you consider decorating them with motorcycle helmet stickers.
They are basically used to cut down the same look of your helmets. By applying one of these stickers to your helmet, you can make them look quite colorful and fun. Finding a place for getting these stickers is not that hard. You can check out any local decal store or an online store for instant results. Among the 2 an online decal store is more preferable as they house bunch of Motorcycle helmet stickers from which you can easily find a pick for your bike. By applying these stickers, you can create your own fashion or trend and ride across the town with full flair.
Your bike will look more exotic and in fact some of the decals might even make your bike look expensive. Stickers which are different and unique can be used on your bike to give it a distinct look among the crowd of millions of other bikes. There is a piece for every individual; these stickers help you to create your very own identity. With eclectic collection of Motorcycle helmet stickers like flashy and cool, classy and elegant, simple and funky- you will surely find your piece. This would help you to define your personality in public.