Monday, February 27, 2012

Being Smart with Motorcycle Fashion

So you have finally decided to buy a motorcycle, whether it be for economical reasons or simply for the freedom of the ride, but now you are faced with the dilemma of buying quality protective riding gear that you will actually want to wear. You will want to be sure to protect yourself from accidents, as well as be comfortable (of course it wouldn't hurt to look cool at the same time either.)
So much thought goes into the gear you will be wearing while riding your bike as you want to make sure you are protected from the elements and unexpected spills. Helmets, jackets, chaps, gloves.... but did you stop to think about your feet?
So often you see motorcyclists on the roads wearing basic sneakers, sandals, and sadly, flip flops. Not a smart choice when paired up with burning hot exhaust pipes.
There are many reason why you would want to wear motorcycle boots or shoes rather than casual footwear but the main one you need to focus on is protection. Regular shoes will not protect your feet from burns that can be caused by the heat of your motorcycles exhaust pipes. Not to mention the heat of your pipes can actually melt the rubber on the soles of your favorite sandals. Plus regular boots and shoes are not designed to withstand the friction created every time your feet touch the ground, which is quite often with bike riding, due to stopping and balancing. With regular footwear, you will find your shoes wearing out much faster than you could have ever imaged.
Harley Davidson motorcycle shoes and boots are designed to be durable, practical, fashionable and actually comfortable. If you have been into any Harley Davidson shop then you know they are all about looking good and feeling good while being safe on your bike. Offering a broad range of motorcycle boots and shoes in endless colors and designs, Harley Davidson not only has you covered on your bike, but offyour bike as well with a rather wide variety of fashionable Harley Davidson sandals and heels.
What are you waiting for? Experience HD footwear for yourself. You won't be disappointed.
Whether man or woman one thing is for sure, and that is you want to look good at the same time you are riding safe and with the extensive Harley Davidson motorcycle boots and shoes line, you get to do both.

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