Monday, February 27, 2012

Motorcycle Boots

Perhaps one of the most neglected components of safety gear for motorcycle riders are motorcycle boots. When you think safety for your motorcycle, helmets, reflective clothing and pads may be the first thing to pop into your mind. However, you should know that motorcycle boots do play an important role in your safety gear. They also can make an important fashion statement as well, if that is important to you. But safety and comfort should be the primary considerations when you make your motorcycle boot purchase.
Keep in mind that your feet need to rest comfortably on the foot peg in order to have a comfortable ride. You do not want your feet to be sore or uncomfortable after a long day of riding! Also keep in mind that the feet are a particularly vulnerable part of your body when riding, and can easily be hurt during a fall or a collision.
For this reason, you should not just wear ordinary shoes or boots when riding your motorcycle. Instead, look for shoes or boots that are specifically manufactured to provide some abrasion and heat resistance for motorcycle riders. When riding, your feet are the body part closest to the exhaust pipes of the motorcycles, and having boots that can withstand the continual heat emanating from these pipes and also protect them in the case of accidental contact with the pipes is very important. Many boots come with additional safety features that will help keep them from easily tearing in a fall or collision, providing some abrasion resistance.
Modern day motorcycle boots manufacturers try to combine style with safety and comfort and there are some great choices available today that should satisfy almost any rider. When looking at motorcycle boots, you will find that there are a wide range of styles and colors available. There are also a wide range of different cuts you can choose from. There are low cut and higher cut boots, for example. In general, the higher the cut, the more protected your feet and lower legs will be, but low cut boots may be considerably more comfortable for some riders. Some boots will have a special extended lower heel area that allows for extra maneuverability.
You will also find that boots are made from a wide range of materials, although leather is probably one of the favorites and is certainly a classic. If you shop online, you will quickly see that there is a huge selection available to choose from.
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