Thursday, February 23, 2012

Motorcycle Leather

Who wears motorcycle leather? Who rides bikes? All kinds of people do. Some are hell on wheels, the rough and burly type, some are clean cut, and everything in between. A surprising number of motorcyclists who deck out in leather and get together for fellowship and camaraderie are just regular folks. Some are dedicated Christians who use the appeal of motorcycles to witness to their faith. These bikers appreciate a site like Bikerleatherall which is designed to be family oriented. You will find motorcycle jackets, motorcycle chaps, motorcycle vests, and motorcycle pants for men, women, and children. All content is appropriate for the entire family.
Here are some of the Motorcycle groups you might like to know more about...
Members must be a member/consistent attendee of a Bible believing church, own and ride a motorcycle 500cc or larger (spouses not required to own a separate motorcycle if they ride as a passenger), have a desire to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and covenant not to engage in non-Christian behaviors.
This is a men's motorcycle club that seeks to develop strong relationships with Christ, family and fellow motorcycle brothers, to reach out to the world of motorcyclists with the Good News of Jesus Christ, to work in partnership with local persons of faith and churches, to disciple and be disciples.
Chrome Knights for Christ
This is a non-denominational Christian Motorcycle Club that wants to share their love for Jesus with the motorcycle community.
The Fellowship of Christian Riders Motorcycle Ministry is an outreach ministry of
Frazer United Methodist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. Must have valid motorcycle operator's license, be able to safely maintain highway speeds up to 70 mph and conduct yourself in a Christian manner.
FCOG is a ministry-oriented group whose main focus is serving the biker community. All that is asked is that each member strive to be Christ-like. Through DISCIPLESHIP and making ourselves accountable to one another, we grow as Christians.
The Heaven's Saints Motorcycle Ministry provides a Christian brotherhood of bikers to fellowship with and minister alongside. They wear the Christian Flag on their back with their ministry identification in the lower right hand corner While the majority of members are bikers, owning a motorcycle is not a requirement to be a part of this ministry. Heaven's Saints members can be found all over the U.S. and in some parts of Canada.
Hellfighters is an independent, non-denominational motorcycle league of extraordinary ladies and gentlemen who have been saved by the forgiving grace of Jesus Christ and are bold enough to serve Him regardless of the cost! Their mission is to reach neighborhood, country, and world for Christ through motorcycle fellowship.
The Road Riders for Jesus Motorcycle Ministry is a national and international group of Christian Bikers. You don't have to prospect or go through a lot of red tape in order to wear our back patch. If you are a Christian according to Romans 10:9-10 you are welcome to join. As a member then you are immediately eligible to wear the Road Riders for Jesus M/M back patch.
The Sons of God Motorcycle Club Ministry is a national organization made up of Christian Bikers The primary focus of this ministry is to reach the secular motorcycle "bikers". They have ordained ministers who can perform biker weddings and funerals. They are available to do visitations in prisons, Hospitals and Veteran Events. They attend many biker events throughout the country in order to reach out to bikers.
Working By Grace Ministries is a non- denominational Motorcycle Ministry The Vision of WBGM is to share the word of God with everyone. We use our motorcycles as a tool to Minister to the lost and dying world. We do this by going to several bike events during ride season. Along with being involved in outreach in our community
The Christian Motorcyclists Association is interdenominational and evangelistic in nature. They reach out primarily, but not exclusively, to the motorcycling community. Their vision is "Changing the world, one heart at a time."
End Time Warriors Motorcycle Ministry is a non-denominational group following the word of our Lord, Jesus Christ. End Time Warriors Motorcycle Ministry is committed to show the Love of God and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a dying world. End Time Warriors Motorcycle Ministry has a vision to minister to the 1% motorcycle clubs and the motorcycle community as a whole and will fulfill that vision by outreach to the community.
Highways and Hedges Ministry is a group of motorcyclists who seek to glorify God through the changed life and to be the light in a dark world.
Messiah's Disciples is a nondenominational organization who as Christian motorcyclist and members of Messiah's Disciples have been called to provide the outreach to secular bikers and/or bike organizations, provide a family oriented Christian ride, promote a positive image of motorcyclists, and minister to the secular bikers.
An evangelistic ministry reaching the outlaw biker world and people in all walks of life.

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