Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Motorcycle Helmets

Almost 3,000 motorcyclists are killed each year in accidents, with head injuries being a major cause of death. Safety helmets successfully reduce the chances of head injury to a great extent. They are a must for all motorcyclists.
Helmets are of different types, sizes, colors, and designs. They may be full-face or open-face, but have to conform to certain standards set by DOT regulations. Helmets which meet the DOT Regulations usually have a DOT approval sticker at the back of the helmet.
Manufacturers of helmets are also required under Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard to label their helmets with relevant information such as manufacturer's name, model, size, year of manufacture, and construction materials, among other things. Another certification or approval for all motorcycle helmets is provided by The Snell Memorial Foundation. Unlike DOT, it is optional and not mandatory.
Apart from such regulations, there are motorcycle helmet laws, monitoring the use of helmets by motorcyclists. Today, 20 states and the District of Columbia have made helmet wearing mandatory for motorcyclists; there are four free states with no helmet laws at all.
Some brands which are particularly popular among motorcyclists include HJC Helmets, Shoei Motorcycle Helmets, Nolan Helmets, Bell Helmets, RBC Helmets, and THH Helmets. Features found in helmets may include ventilation systems, anti-fog system, comfortable interior, scratch-resistant face shield, and other things.
Companies which provide DOT-approved, good quality motorcycle helmets are Iron Horse Helmets, Helmets Etc, Inc, Ride Gear, Biker Needs, and many more. Customization options are also provided by some companies, which allow us to have special designs, cartoons, graphics, and other pictures on helmets.
Helmets are important safety gear for all motorcyclists. The causes of motorcycle accidents may be numerous, but the solution to prevent serious injuries still remains the use of motorcycle helmets and defensive driving techniques.

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