Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Motorcycle Community

A fellow motorcycle enthusiast once told me that in a world where there is very little that we could fix, having a motorcycle to tinker with offers great comfort. This is just one of the many examples of wisdom I have picked up from the motorcycle community. I am talking about the many riders who all share a kinship brought along by their passion for motorcycles. You will not find the same kind of widespread community anywhere else.
There is great camaraderie among most motorcycle owners. Whether you are riding a simple moped or a sophisticated big motorbike, you will often get a wave or thumbs up from other people on motorcycles. The motorcycle community has its own culture. It is one of openness and sharing in order to help each other out.
The exchange of ideas and expertise among motorcycle enthusiasts has lead to improved design and riding techniques that has made motorcycling much safer over the years. The average motorcycle owner tends to know more about his machine than the average car owner. Unlike cars the motorcycle is relatively easier to disassemble and study. It is also less complicated to maintain or even modify. This has lead people to learn a lot about motorcycles.
The simple design of the motorcycle has made it easy for the community to make their own customized parts. This led to a wide variety of motorcycles on the road. There are countless motorcycles that are unique and one of kind because of the many do-it-your-self improvements that can be performed on a motorbike. Something that is not as easy with other forms of motorized transport.
Another wonderful thing about the motorcycle community is that sound advice is never hard to find. You might get conflicting opinions every now and then but it is often easy to discern the good ones from rubbish. Whatever help you need with tinkering there will never be a shortage of helpful tips and guides available for free. Whether you are unsure about a replacement or trying to decide on a mod, there is always an expert that can offer you great advice.
What other vehicle can make two complete strangers feel like the closest of friends just by riding side by side for a short time? The camaraderie among motorcycle owners is just one of the many things that make riding all the more fun. The sense brotherhood with fellow riders gives you a sense of security and support that you will not normally get with other car drivers.
Motorcycles might not be as safe as cars and buses but it sure affords you a sense of connection with other people you might not otherwise get to know. The motorcycle does not just take people from point A to B, it also brings them closer and creates connections where there is none. It has created a whole community of people sharing ideas and working to make riding as safe and fun as could be imagined.

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