Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Motorcycle Accidents

Not everyone who rides a motorcycle will get in an accident. Chances are, if you are being safe while riding you will be just fine. The problem is not the motorcyclist, but the drivers around you. There are a surprising amount of accidents caused by a driver in a car not seeing someone on a bike.

These are the statistics one needs to look into when thinking about whether or not they should wear a motorcycle helmet. These helmets can save your life! Even if you are being as safe as you can, you never know what other drivers are out there on the roads. Keep your life safe and wear your helmet each and every time you go out for a ride.

A report by the National Highway Traffic Administration states that between 1975 and 1999, motorcycle accidents claimed the lives of 38,000 motorcyclists. The Fatality Analysis Reporting System has analyzed possible reasons for the increasing accidents. Weather does not account for most accident cases.

Studies indicate that motorcycle accident rate is on the rise in our country. Brain damages, soft tissue damage, joint, bones, and shoulder breakage are often caused by motorcycle accidents. These are the types of injuries that can be significantly lessened by wearing a good protective helmet. If your helmet is DOT approved, fits well and has enough padding inside you are going to be protected.

It is not just about protecting yourself when going for a ride. Think of those that might be riding along with you. Make sure you and your passengers are taken care of by providing motorcycle helmets to everyone who rides.

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