Thursday, February 23, 2012

Not Just For Riders

What used to be worn exclusively by real bikers has now proliferated widely. We see it everywhere, people donning motorcycle jackets, biker boots, or leather pants. And some of them are not even authentic motorcycle riders. But that's the fad and we cannot stop it from growing more and more popular.
So what is it about motorcycle fashion that people are so crazy about?
Well, for one there's that feeling of toughness that people get from wearing motorcycle apparel. We can't blame people from feeling that way after all that is what the image of bikers have emanated since time immemorial. Men in black leather jackets, leather pants, high-cut boots riding a roaring motor bike gives us the impression of hardiness. People think that these men are tough, they're to be scared of, or they are kings of the road. The one reason why people love the motorcycle fashion, it's to duplicate that impression by wearing what bikers wear.
Another thing about motorcycle fashion is that it gives you a sense of adventure. Putting together an outfit that will make you feel like a real rider is an adventure in itself. And those that cannot afford to go bungee jumping or sky diving, they find the adventure they're looking for by being in motorcycle clothing.
Some people who love individuality and crave to stand out among the crowd prefer dressing the motorcyclist way to be unique. Among a stream of ordinary people in casual clothing, a person in shiny black boots and leather jacket is sure to catch some attention. Motorcycling gear and apparel can ultimately transform you. When people want a change for themselves or want to turn over a new leaf, they turn to giving their wardrobe a whole new look and some opt to turn theirs into motorcyclist fashion.
And some do say that the traditional and classy look one can get from motorcycle apparel is undeniable. While there are those wear it just for fun. The motorcycle fashion has grown so widely and so popular that motorcycle gear makers have to widen their selection of products to cater to the growing demands for motorcycle apparel. Harley Davidson for example now has a line of womens Harley Davidson boots and boots designed for kids.
Finally, those people who are passionate about motorcycling, who are big fans and avid spectators but just do not have the heart to try out riding themselves, resort to wearing motorcycle apparel to get their share of this sport's excitement and thrill. And while real riders may sometimes frown upon these wannabes, the important thing to remember is that everybody has the right to experience the exhilarating feeling of motorcycling, whether by racing, by cruising or simply by donning motorcycle apparel and gear.

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