Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Novelty Helmets- Whats the use?

There are different helmet designs out there. When out on your ride you want a helmet that fits you and your personal style. There are different shapes, sizes and designs to fit you just the way you want. When out on your ride you can make a statement, tell everyone who you are and what you are about. There are full face helmets, street helmets and off road helmets. The trend I find odd is the trend of Novelty Helmets.

Novelty helmets, what do they do? What is their purpose?
 The use of a novelty is for decoration. They are not strong enough to protect you in any sort of collision and they have not been approved by the DOT. The DOT has testing to make sure helmets are safe for your ride, especially in the case of getting in an accident. If a helmet does not meet the qualifications of the DOT test it is not considered safe to wear on the roads.

All helmets that are considered "novelty" do not meet the specifications that the DOT has set forth for motorcycle helmets. This means that the only reason someone would buy a novelty helmet is for decoration. There are some good novelty helmet designs, so as long as you can find something that fits your style, you can use these helmets anyplace you want to decorate. Add your own flair with your motorcycle helmet.
 Some people put these helmets around their homes for decoration. Some wear them as costume type helmets. Anyway you slice it, these helmets should not be used when you are out on your ride. They are not safe and cannot protect you in the way you deserve.

So go out, get your novelty helmet. Use it when filming a movie, or just playing around. Just make sure the helmet you use on your motorcycle is something that has been tested and approved according to the DOT testing standards.

Candace Crown

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