Friday, May 13, 2011

Airbrushed Motorcycle Helmets

Enough of the depressing posts about crashes and the importance of helmets. We all know your motorcycle helmet need not only be protective, but it needs to look good. One way to know you look good and to make your helmet your own is to get it Airbrushed. 
These amazing artists can take an image-whether it be from their head or a photo-and reproduce it with amazing accuracy. These artists have taken their skill and applied it to ever medium imaginable. Custom airbrushing can be found everywhere, such as airbrushed T Shirts, airbrushed batting helmets, airbrushed shoes, airbrushed jeans, custom airbrushed motorcycles, airbrushed motorcycle helmets, even airbrushed bodies!
Some of the most impressive airbrushing can be found in the form of murals. Some of these artists could be called the modern day Michelangelo's, turning plain vehicles into mobile Sistine Chapels. There are many websites available to people wishing to learn this craft, and the equipment is fairly inexpensive. There are also many video's available for people wishing to learn the craft.
There are many amazing artists and if you just search "custom airbrushing" you'll be able to see these amazing works. The art of airbrushing has also carried over into many other industries such as tanning and finger nail art--just to name a couple.
If you want to get started airbrushing here are a few airbrush brands and airbrush paint brands you may want to take a look at: Iwata, Paasche, Badger, Aztec, Badger, Master Series, Grex airbrushes, Createx, Auto Air, Golden, Com-Art, Aqua Flow, and House of Kolor. You will also need an air compressor of some sort of air source. Some good airbrush compressor brands are (my personal favorite) Silent Air -- which makes very little noise while working.

You can also purchase an awesome airbrushed helmet from

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  1. The simple fact is there are no provisions in the State legislation to empower the police in any state to revoke the compliance of a helmet which has been certified to meet AS1698

    The Queensland statement provided to Motorbikewriter that

    “If a helmet were to be modified by painting, etcetera, the user would be required to provide evidence that the shell material is not affected by contact with hydrocarbons, cleaning fluids, paints, transfers or other extraneous additions.”

    is contrary to law, in that the onus of proof is placed on the rider where under the law it is the responsibility of the prosecution to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the painting or fitting of accessoried invalidates the certification of a helmet

    Motorcyclists are being treated like second class citizens and issued punitive infringement notices for helmet offences where car drivers are issued with defect notices where there is a question over compliance of a component on a vehicle.

    As for statistics, well the situation there is even worse.

    There is no national category for motorcycle helmet offence statistics unlike bicycle helmets so no police force can quote any national statistics

    Individual state police forces may collect statistics but these are limited to only one offence of not wearing any helmet. The infringement notices issued with regard to camera and visor offences are lumped into that one category so an infringement for a camera offence becomes an infringement for not wearing a helmet in the statistics.

    The NSW police in particular have then used that false statistic to justify the waste of public funds on TV advertising as they did in the last christmas road safety campaign with the emphasis on “targeting helmet offences” rather than promoting driver awareness

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