Thursday, May 19, 2011

Types of Motorcycle Helmets

Any responsible motorcyclist knows that the exhilaration of taking to the open road should be combined with the safety of a proper motorcycle helmet. Too many motorcyclists make the sometimes fatal mistake of assuming they'll be fine, nothing will happen to them and that they're invincible from harm while on a short journey to the corner shop to pick up some cigarettes. Just having the fashionable Honda bikes. is not enough. Not wearing a helmet when going on a very short journey can kill. Wearing a helmet can save your life, and it has to be the right one.

This article will discuss types of helmets you can wear and how, depending on your motorcycling activity, you might need a specific type of helmet to stay safe.
Types of helmets are

Full face - this type of helmet covers the entire head and most of the face, leaving a section of the eyes and nose covered by see through plastic. This is THE safest helmet you can buy; it's used in rallies and competitions around the world, and will give you the best protection against head injury in the event of a crash. However, you are very much at risk of injury to your neck in the event of strong winds if you are not careful, this helmet is also the heaviest type of helmet you can wear.
Three-quarter shell - again, this will grant you a significant amount of protection for your skull and forehead. As the name suggests it covers less of your vital areas but is less heavy.
Half Shell - The half-shell or "beanie" helmet, as it is widely known amongst bikers, is made to cover the top of your head and come down to your ears. It literally is half a helmet and will give you half the protection in turn. They are usually seen as a compromise between wearing a full face helmet and nothing at all.

Two very good brands of helmet around at the moment are Arai and AGV; these helmets are the type used in motorcycling rallies around the world and in the most prestigious competitions. The designers of Arai helmets pride themselves on not making specifically different helmets for celebrity competition entrants, saying that one head is not worth more than another. Instead, they make all of their helmets at an exceptionally high standard. AGV helmets are also world renowned and used at major rallies.

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